4UP© is a management actions development tool. Whether you are an individual or a company, 4UP identifies your strong points and your talents and gives you a personal development plan and the means to implement it. It is a simple, efficient and customized tool.


Managers-while collar workers

Are you a white-collar worker, a manager? Do you want to know yourself better and move forward?
4UP offers you a convenient and directly usable management training plan. This development plan gives you the means to improve yourself and capitalize on your past and future experiences.


Company managers

Do you run a company, a department? Do you want to develop your talents? 4UP analyses your management training needs and gives you the means to develop your employees. We offer individual and group follow-up for your employees' management skills and the means to develop them.

The management of transversal competences is a key lever for the progress of the invididual and the company. 4UP© maps these competences and assists you during every step of the HR processes, without initial investments in the profiles or competence dictionaries.